Custom Projects

We clearly understand the uniqueness of every individual; a pure indicator that all our members – donors and benefactors – have different missions and needs, which we hold to high values. We ensure the quality of the services we provide, by creating projects that are meaningful and practical. This is done through the assessment of well-detailed maps drawn by D-map, which provides all the information needed to monitor the pace with which investments are being handled by the benefactors. With the insight provided, we are able to make smart donations that provide very effective results with positive impacts, in the form of custom projects.

Unique Features

  • A database technology designed to strictly perform in line with the individual mission of every member.
  • While we reduce the expenses made in creating I.T projects, we maintain a steady assurance on the efficiency of I.T services we provide for our members.

Support Provided In Our Custom Projects

  • D-map provides facts about how projects are affected by sponsors, benefactors and the rest of the community.
  • We have expert project techs specialized in finding the resources you will need for your projects.
  • Sponsors that care about the positive impacts that our benefactors are making in the community. Always willing to join hands to make a greater impact.