Project Techs

Project Tech Traning

Who are P-techs

The P-techs of is made up of interns and skillful IT volunteers. These IT professionals have earned their certifications through training programs. Here at UTP, we care about harnessing the skills of our technicians by challenging these professionals with real-world experience by way of developing philosophical IT projects for our members and their missions.

Who will benefit from our P-tech training

First and foremost, our IT professionals will benefit from this training by harnessing their professional skills and learning to serve their community. Also, our most vulnerable small businesses and nonprofits, who make a large percent of our economy, serves the most important missions. With the donation of technology and savings on IT services, we create a community of connecting skillful IT professionals to those who need it the most.

In conclusion, why should you support our mission? Not only are we harnessing talented IT professionals, which aids in giving back to the community, but we are also bringing their skills to all of those who are in need of IT professionals. This creates an equal environment in which every industry can succeed in.