Our Mission:

The mission of The United Tech Project Foundation is to provide disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to gain practical IT skills that lead to productive and successful careers. We achieve this mission by:

• Partnering with small businesses and non-profits to design and build much-needed technology, software, IT services, and IT projects that educate our youth and help our partners achieve success.
• Partnering with technical institutions to identify candidates to participate in UTP.foundation non-profit and small business engagements.

The Value Our Mission Serves:

Youth – The youth we serve have already taken a significant first step by enrolling in IT programs. UTP helps augment these programs by providing real-world, practical experience and know-how that opens up valuable career opportunities faster. Further, Student, are assured they have taken the right step forward to impactful and successful careers.

Donors – Donors that partner with UTP.foundation is those who wish to make an immediate, direct, and lasting impact on their communities, as well as reap the tax benefits of philanthropic support. By providing the opportunity for our youth to gain valuable and real-world experience in IT project management, as well as opening the door for small businesses and non-profits to much-needed support services, our donors become valued and trusted partners of our community.

Members – Non-profits and small businesses that partner with UTP.foundation get the best of both worlds – they gain cutting-edge technology and support services while also allowing our youth the opportunity to acquire the valuable tools and experience they need to make a difference in their IT careers and our world.